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43M(O2)-EHFkF-NH-(CH2)8-NH2EbiratideIn situ brain perfusionVD6
102YaGFLR DalarginIn situ brain perfusionVD109
145YaGFLR-NHC2H4S-SC2H4NH-RGGRLSYSRRRFSTSTGR-NH2Dalargin-SS-SynB1In situ brain perfusionVD109
146YaGFLR-C2H4S-SC2H4-RRLSYSRRRF-NH2Dalargin-SS-SynB3In situ brain perfusionVD109
164Doxorubicin-linker-RGGRLSYSRRRFSTSTGRDoxorubicin-SynB1In situ brain perfusionVD119
166Doxorubicin-linker-RRLSYSRRRFDoxorubicin-SynB3 In situ brain perfusionVD119
167Doxorubicin-linker-rrlsysrrrfDoxorubicin-(D)-SynB3 In situ brain perfusionVD119