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32YPFF-NH2Endomorphin-2, Endomorphin IIShake flaskLog D135
40YtGFLS-NH2SAM 995Shake flaskLog D26
41YtGFLS-(β-D-Glc)-NH2SAM 1095Shake flaskLog D26
75YcGFcSG-NH2LSZ 916Shake flaskLog D70
76YcGFc-(β-D-Glc)SG-NH2LSZ 1025Shake flaskLog D70
77YcGFc-(α-D-Glc)SG-NH2LSZ 62Shake flaskLog D70
78YcGFc-(β-D-Glc)sG-NH2SAM 1025Shake flaskLog D70
79YcGFc-(β-D-Xyl)SG-NH2SAM 1040Shake flaskLog D70
207Guan-YPFF-NH2Guanidino-Endomorphin IIShake flaskLog D135
208YPFP-NH2MorphiceptinShake flaskLog D135
209Guan-YPFP-NH2Guanidino-MorphiceptinShake flaskLog D135