Brainpeps® is a resource of blood-brain barrier properties of peptides. This database is managed by Ghent University. Based upon your input, this search page will give you all information (structure, method, responses, physicochemical properties and related literature). The database is linked to a manuscript entitled "Brainpeps: the blood-brain barrier peptide database", in which the BBB methods and responses are clarified and correlated to each other.


Sequence, Trivial name, Molecular formula, Method, Response, Literature


If you are using or downloading data from the database, please cite "Van Dorpe S., Bronselaer A., Nielandt J., Stalmans S., Wynendaele E., Audenaert K., Van De Wiele C., Burvenich C., Peremans K., Hsuchou H., De Tré G. and De Spiegeleer B. Brainpeps: the blood-brain barrier peptide database. Brain Structure and Function, 2012, 217(3), 687-718, http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00429-011-0375-0”.

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